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Sep 20 11

Sober Living Recovery Homes in Dallas, Texas

by grat9338

The Dallas Ft Worth, TX area features many different types of sober living homes, recovery houses and aftercare residences – which is the right place for you?


Transitioning into a sober living home after treatment is an integral part of the early recovery process.  Nearly all addiction treatment professionals agree that the longer one resides in a structured sober living residence the greater their chances are for attaining long-term, quality sobriety.

Throughout Dallas, Texas there are many variations of sober living homes; from very inexpensive and low structure residences to higher-end, upscale and highly structured environments, there are no shortage of options. At Gratitude House we pride ourselves on touching upon the key components most critical in the process of early recovery, including having a licensed counselor on staff as our clinical director for expanded recovery services.  While most of our residents will initially complete a stay in primary residential treatment prior to moving into Gratitude House, due to our expanded recovery services and structure, some will actually utilize our recovery residence in place of primary treatment as an affordable alternative.

The addiction process is unique to each individual, and likewise, so is the process of recovery.  Unlike many other regions around the country, Dallas/Fort Worth offers many sober living/transitional housing options for each individual and we encourage you to learn as much as possible prior to making a decision.  For more information on Gratitude House House Sober Living and to schedule a tour of our wonderful rersidence we invite you to call 7 days a week at (214) 451-7130.

Aug 1 11

Gratitude House Sober Living Homes of Dallas, Texas

by grat9338

Welcome to the new website & blog for Gratitude House Transitional Sober Living Housing for men in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Area!


We would like to extend a warm welcome to those viewing our new website, and whether you’re currently in the grips of active alcoholism or addiction, or in recovery, or simply stumbled on this site while searching for Chinese Takeout or something like that…WELCOME!  Over the coming weeks & months we plan on expanding our site and blog so that it becomes an ever-expanding online recovery resource for those in the Dallas, TX region.

Our vision and approach in how transitional sober living recovery housing should operate is quite integrative & comprehensive, which is why we offer much more than cookie-cutter type sober living housing so commonly seen throughout Texas.  Be sure to read all about us and our services as you click the links along the top or side margins of this site.  Also, please feel free to contact us 7 days a week at (214) 451-7130 or fill out our simple contact form along the right-hand margin…