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Program Details

Dallas Ft Worth TX Transitional Sober Living Recovery Home for Men


Much of the recovery while residing at Gratitude House occurs in the context of daily living activities and interactions with others in the community.  From day-to-day practices in recovery principles to off-site professional therapy through DDA Counseling at a nearby location, our approach to your recovery consists of:

Individual – Each resident is encouraged to participate in individual meetings through DDA Counseling

Recovery Talks – As a member of the Gratitude House Community, residents attend several recovery talks per week. These talks emphasize accountability, confrontation, and education. The staff aids the residents in learning how to communicate to one another in healthy ways.  For example, we teach them how to express their feelings appropriately, set boundaries, and we also teach them how to confront negative behaviors.  Through recovery talks residents are visibly confronted with the truth that their actions often affect others.

Family – We believe that addiction is not an isolated disease; it affects the entire family system. Family members are encouraged to participate in family meetings through DDA Counseling in order to open communication and resolve on-going family conflicts as they relate to recovery issues. Family members are also strongly encouraged to participate in recovery themselves through Al-Anon and working the 12 steps. If family members are not available to meet in person, phone conversations with family are encouraged.

Securing Employment – Residents at the Gratitude House must have a job and work at least 40 hours per week. Dallas has a healthy economy, and residents generally have no problem finding a job within the first few weeks. As part of our program, each resident must pay at least 30% of his earned wages toward the cost of his stay at Gratitude House.

Independent Living Skills – Budgeting, money management, time management, daily chores, cooking, and personal hygiene, are just a few of the many independent living skills residents at the Gratitude House will learn. Our desire is that each resident has all the tools necessary upon graduation to live in the world as productive members of society.

Christian Track – Discipleship, Bible study and individual prayer are readily available for residents who desire such. Each staff member is willing and trained to provide Biblically based counseling and/or prayer at the resident’s request. Because the 12-steps outlined in the Big Book are spiritual in nature, we believe that working the steps the most efficient way to get connected with God. It is our experience that only then does prayer, Bible study, and discipleship have any significant effects.

Educational Opportunities – Many of the men at the house have a desire to further their educational aspirations. We are located close to several colleges in the Dallas area including Mountain View Community College, Dallas Baptist University and University of Texas Arlington. All of the aforementioned colleges, have a campus just minutes from the Gratitude House.