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Become A Resident

Dallas Ft Worth TX Transitional Sober Living Recovery Home for Men


All individuals seeking to become a resident or receive extended services of Gratitude House must meet the following criteria:

Gratitude House offers quality services at a cost that is economical. Call us for information about our payment options.  Upon admission we require a non-refundable 30 day payment of $2,500.

The minimum commitment to stay at the Gratitude House is 90 days.  However,  the average stay for residents is anywhere from 6 to 10 months.  Additional time may be granted at the request of the resident and staff.  Furthermore, there is a $500 penalty fee assessed to any resident who does not complete the minimum 90 day commitment.

Residents must be:

  • Mentally and Medically Stable
  • Discharged from a primary care facility
  • Able to function with limited supervision
  • Able to self administer medication
  • Individuals desiring to live in a proactive recovery environment
  • Willing to be of service to others