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Dallas Ft Worth TX Transitional Sober Living Recovery Home for Men


Jelena Simpson
Feb 11, 2011

I met Derek almost three years ago and instantly felt his compassion toward helping others struggling with addiction issues. He uses his personal insights and strengths to extend hope to men who are in a transitional phase of their recovery. I believe he will be a positive influence with those he works with, treating all clients with integrity.

Leslie Miller
Dec 31, 2010
Derek exudes caring and compassion, and is a devoted advocate for each resident and their family members. Having worked closely for years with Derek, I know that Derek works tirelessly to ensure that young men confront the sometimes hidden issues that contribute to addiction; things like self-esteem issues, trauma and entitlement. Derek is an intuitively-talented counselor who is able to draw our feelings and emotions from people that perhaps others could not. Each day, Derek represents that “fruits of the spirit” – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control – and models these qualities in his work with the residents. I believe that God works through Derek and his efforts at Gratitude House.

Jarrod J.                              
Dec 31, 2010
I first met Derek when he showed kindness the first day of class when he gave me an extra DSM-IV a book that cost about $100.00. He continued to show kindness and stability throughout the next 3 years we spent working together in addiction recovery and transitional living. He impressed me with his commitment to the treatment of the residents through individual and group counseling, life skills coaching and character development. He was the “Rock” of the program (His nickname was D-Rock): the one clients respected, the director leaned on and the other therapists went to for advice. I will be referring people to this program for their recovery and transition into a sober life.


Craig Miller
Dec 31, 2010
I too had the pleasure of working with Derek for several years in the area of addiction counseling. Derek is one of those people who has an intuitive sense to see through a person’s mask, patiently work through their pathologies, and bring them to a place of true healing. He has the ability to confront difficult situations and attitude’s like very few people I know. He gives his time to see people heal because to him it is more than an occupation but a ministry and a calling. If you are looking for a counselor for yourself or a loved one, who can confront serious pathologies with intuitive understanding, whether it involves addictive behavior or not, I would not hesitate to recommend Derek.


Steven Hardebeck
Dec 31, 2010
I had the pleasure of working under Derek when I first entered the counseling field. He proved to be such a blessing as a supervisor. Derek played a vital role in my development as a counselor. He is a very skilled therapist, with a great ability to see into the foundation of a client’s struggles and a knack for helping each client navigate through those struggles. Derek is one of the most compassionate people I know. He cares deeply for all of his clients and their progression in recovery. One of Derek’s most important traits is his character and integrity; he is a man who’s walk matches his talk.


David Fields
Dec 31, 2010
I have worked with Derek for over 5 years now in counseling drug addicts and alcoholics. I have seen him work with hundreds of men and their families throughout the years. He is one of the most genuine and caring persons I know. He has a gift for being able to see into what is really going on with guys and an approachability about him that enables people to heal. Above all, Derek is one of the most humble men that I know and I would trust him with anything.


Tammy Smith
Dec 1, 2010
Way to go Derek! Congratulations. I’m really glad to hear about Gratitude House and what you are doing. I’ve seen first hand what a powerful counselor and how fully connected to others you are. Glad to have the brochures and I will be handing them out.

Best wishes with All that God is doing through you.