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Gratitude House


Integrative, upscale & structured transitional sober living home in Dallas, TX


 Dallas Sober Living Home

Dallas Sober Living


Welcome to Gratitude House of Dallas, TX – An upscale & structured transitional sober living home for men in recovery from drug addiction, alcoholism and dual-diagnosis issues.

The Dallas/Ft Worth Area has become well known for its broad array of notable and highly recognized addiction recovery resources.  From drug rehabs to transitional sober living homes and various independent recovery resources, there is no shortage of options here for those whom are within the grips of addiction and/or alcoholism.  As the science of recovery and its many forms makes new strides, we at Gratitude House continue to focus on integrating both, classic recovery principles along with new formulas & approaches in helping our residents build new lives and strong foundations in their new-found sobriety!

There are many different types of Dallas sober living homes, some of which offer an extremely affordable option but unfortunately offer little or no structure, guidance or support.  For those familiar with the processes of addiction and subsequent recovery, you know all too well how the “addict mind” operates and its ability to manipulate the individual into believing that which has been proven untrue and very damaging.  Couple with that the reality that life’s day-to-day hurdles will often trip up the newly recovered addict/alcoholic and all of a sudden the unfortunate act of relapse lays within the client’s very near future.  With most residents arriving at Gratitude House with minimal sober time under their belts, the life-changing principles involved in the process of recovery often means a complete mental shift and major changes in thoughts & actions…

Gratitude House is much more than “sober living;” as a matter of fact we offer one of the few transitional aftercare/sober living residences throughout Dallas, Texas that is actually owned & operated by a LICENSED PROFESSIONAL COUNSELOR.  There is much more to see and learn about our beautiful environment and positive, proactive atmosphere – MORE INFORMATION.

What is sober living and why is it so important to find the right location?  The term varies from region to region, such as; “sober living home,” “transitional housing,” “recovery home,” etc., however, with regard to the Dallas/Ft Worth region (and Texas as a whole), the prevalent terms are “Dallas sober living homes” and “Transitional living Dallas.”

The most common scenario as to the role a sober living residence will play during the course of one’s recovery process, is that of a transitioning environment following residential drug rehab/addiction treatment and prior to resuming a return to total independence.  Since the recovery process essentially entails a complete overhaul of mind, body & spirit nearly all addiction treatment professionals agree that a 30, 60, 90 day inpatient program is but a beginning and must be bolstered by a gradual entry into this new sober way of life if one is to best ensure long-term recovery.  In the case of Gratitude House, however, various clinical and practical components exist within our structure that not only improve our resident’s long-term success rates, but in some cases our services can even present a very affordable solution to high-cost, cookie-cutter residential treatment!

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